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GCU Armchair Traveler was created for Georgian Court University faculty, staff, students and alums who travel or dream of traveling. It’s our virtual “sit around the campfire”; a place where we can share our global experiences — the international encounters that have challenged us; the geography that has encouraged us to shift; and the surprising moments here or abroad that have helped shape who we are. It’s our hope that you will find a globally-minded community in Armchair Traveler.

Armchair Needs YOU.

GCU Armchair Traveler is an online blog of new poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction, short stories, essays, art and photography with a travel or global orientation. Our goal is to feature work that transports us. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Submit work electronically to Jennifer Summerhays, Director of Global Education Programs jsummerhays@georgian.edu

Join Us. Our TRIBE is growing.

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kelly coles 3 being interviewed for a newspaper article in saint Louis photo 14

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JamieHand3  kelly coles 3 kelly coles1 with Idriss and Fabinta koranic students kristina 4  IMG_0904  Picture1D



2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Furaha Ntasamaye

    Hello Jennifer and all people who support education globally,
    Best regards from Mbeya,Tanzania,East Africa!
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the insights and ideas that we shared with Jennifer Summerhays during her visit in Tanzania.I have been inspired and motivated to work more and more on ensuring that the future generation get education.I have been able to get a head of an organization who is ready to jointly work with Global Education Office based at Georgian Court University in matters pertaining to education.I am also ready to become an instrument for that mission.
    All the best


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