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Study Abroad. Serve Beyond Borders. See with New Eyes.

Georgian Court University’s Office of Global Education opens up the world of international learning to our students and faculty with a commitment to global citizenship. The Office of Global Education provides students and faculty with academic and experiential international learning and service opportunities, designed to deepen intercultural understanding, increase sensitivity to “the other”, and create community across borders. Make an appointment to learn more about the international study and service opportunities that are waiting for you.

Contact Jennifer Summerhays, Director of Global Education at: jsummerhays@georgian.edu

Global stories 


GCU students tell their stories about how “going global” impacted their lives. 

The world is waiting for you!

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  1. Furaha Ntasamaye

    Hello Jennifer and all people who support education globally,
    Best regards from Mbeya,Tanzania,East Africa!
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the insights and ideas that we shared with Jennifer Summerhays during her visit in Tanzania.I have been inspired and motivated to work more and more on ensuring that the future generation get education.I have been able to get a head of an organization who is ready to jointly work with Global Education Office based at Georgian Court University in matters pertaining to education.I am also ready to become an instrument for that mission.
    All the best

  2. clara

    It was really a great visit of Jennifer to our country Tanzania, especially in Mbeya. We all appreciated your visit. We welcome you again whenever you get a chance. Feel free to visit in Tanzania another time. Thanks for your help of raising money of trees for change in Tanzania, and what you have done to our congregation of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles and all other Tanzanian people. May God bless you Jennifer


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