A Modern Form of Slavery

by Ana Alvarez, Graduate Student — Criminal Justice

Human Trafficking is a big deal in our society today, namely, it is a modern form of slavery and the fastest growing illegal business in the world. After having the pleasure to attend the Human Trafficking conference on October 18th hosted at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, not only did I gain a more comprehensive outlook on Trafficking but my awareness on trafficking increased overall. The main focus was fostering activism, sexual exploitation, forced labor, survivors, resources available and other forms of involuntary slavery.

I was surprised that the average age for victims in this business was thirteen years old. It was interesting to have learned how and why this epidemic started. A few Push factors (leaving home) and Pull factors (attracting to this new area) that consist of “choosing” this life style include abuse, neglect, socio economic status, unemployment, and personal gratification.

I am thankful to have experienced this opportunity and it is great to have met and networked with people who are passionate about helping and advocating for those who are victims in this industry. Moving forward, I can alert others of this campaign to end this modern form of slavery. We can all do something, intervention is the first step. Know the real facts!

Photo credit: forcechange.com

Photo credit: forcechange.com


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