Spring in Spain with Spanish Studies Abroad

By Kassandra Lillo

Photo credit: Kassy Lillo

Photo credit: Kassy Lillo

 Getting ready to go to another country is some serious stress, but none of that stress will be thought off once you’re in that country seeing all the beautiful and historical places that awaits you.

My name is Kassandra Lillo but most call me Kassy. I am currently a junior at Georgian Court University getting ready to head off to Alicante, Spain. I would love to share of how my experience and my organization has been so far with both GCU and the Spanish Studies Abroad Program.

To be honest the paper work was very tedious, at least for me, just because of how much paper work that must be done. However, it was enjoyable at the same time. Being able to fill out and complete the personality test for both my host family and also for a speaking partner got me thinking,

“I wonder who my family is and what they’re like?”

“I wonder if my speaking partner and I will become best friends?”.

It just made me even more excited about my trip. I also had to send over a picture of me for my host family and the school and no, it wasn’t a picture that I would have preferred but at times I don’t think any girl can think of a perfect picture to send to people they don’t know, yet.

Yes there is still all the paper work of getting permission from all different offices at school, such as, financial aid, registrar, the dean of students, advisors and so on. But as all of these things get signed and approved for my trip to go to Spain my wonders and thoughts about the country become that much more realistic. And I cannot forget to mention that I had to make sure my passport was up to date and I also had to order an International Student Card for my discounts, which I recently found out about and am very excited about also!

So if your reading this and still thinking about whether or not you want to go study abroad, you know what I say? DO IT! The organization and paper work is just that, paper work, that can be done so quickly and not take much time. The end result is what you want, being able to go and see another country and see how another culture views the world in their eyes.

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