Hong Kong through Froriep’s Lens

By Dr. Kathy Froriep, School of Education

Dr. Kathy Froriep co-presented a paper with Dr. Lisa Dille, “Using A Blended Curricular Model to Increase Professional Repertoires for Intervening with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders” at the Autism: Global Challenges and Local Needs Conference sponsored by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Worldwide Universities Network. Dr. Froriep’s photos reflect some of the sights of Hong Kong.

Here is the menu from the Hong Kong Jockey Club where Lisa and I were invited to dine with the other conference speakers in January.




Here is a photo of a conference presentation (not ours). The panel across the top of the slide projection fives the name of conference and sponsors.



Tai O is a village of houses built on stilts above tidal flats. Sometimes called the Venice of HK. The Tanka people have lived and fished here for generations.


Tai O  Tai O.2  Tai O. 3

Bamboo scaffolding and a Kindergarten.


Tai O. X          Tai O. XX

Tai O. Z          Tai O. 4

We took a cable car (sky shots from earlier message) from Tung Chung to Lantau Island,  these are pics of a Ngong Ping village of shops and eateries … And the “big Buddha”.

kathy14 kathy15 Kathy13

Ngong Ping1    Ngong Ping 2   Ngong 3

Kathy1  Kathy2  Kathy3

Kathy4  Kathy5  Kathy6

Kathy7  Kathy 8 Kathy9

Kathy10 Kathy11 kathy12

















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