Caen, France

By Nicole Blazejewski, Steve Cancel, Amanda Earle, Ellen Fitzsimmons, Glisban Machado, Nicole Owenburg, and Allyson Talbot

March 30, 2015

Caen, France 

Our fifth day on the World Wars and Holocaust tour began by traveling from Belgium to Caen, France, by coach bus. We stopped 3 hours into our bus ride at the Historial de la Grande Guerre Museum, in Perrone, France. This museum was the result of a collaboration of a prominent French, German, and American historian of World War I. This museum showcased different time periods throughout World War I. We started our tour in the Music and World War I exhibit. After our stop, we continued our bus trip to Normandy, France. We started our tour in the American cemetery (the location of the ending scene in the famous film Saving Private Ryan). During our tour, we heard stories about fallen soldiers from battles in Normandy. Some of the stories included Medal of Honor recipients, heroic soldiers, and even four woman who were buried in the cemetery. Next, we traveled to Omaha beach. We were surprised to learn Omaha beach is still a prominent vacation spot for many Europeans. After the Normandy beaches, we went to La Pointe Du Hoc. This was the location of many German bunkers. The tour ended and we traveled back to our hotel in Caen. We then went to a nearby restaurant for dinner where we ate traditional French cuisine.





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