Riding the Paris Métro

By Chloe Grady

As I sat in the waiting room of my allergist, I was immediately taken back to Paris when I heard a man greet the desk assistant with a joyful, “Bonjour Madame!” During our spring break, I went on the literary trip to Paris, France with Dr. Rader and five other students, who were complete strangers to me but soon became close friends. Those five nights spent in Paris were truly the best experience of my life. The fact that I was actually in Paris did not truly hit me until we went to the Madeleine, a large Greek-styled cathedral. I was taken back as I sat down in one of the seats of the church. I was speachless. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in Paris and exploring such a beautiful city.


I learned a lot while in Paris. I learned that I have a true love for traveling and exploring new places. Also, that I am independent when I travel and that I can lead others with my sense of direction. While traveling on the métros (Paris subways), I learned about my great sense of direction. I don’t know what came over me, but I found myself leading the group through the metros with some help from Dr. Rader. The metros were beautiful; they were public art with unique mosaique tile works and clean metro cars. While traveling on the metros, I really got to learn about the Parisians and their lifestyle in Paris. I saw the perfect women’s fashion, which I would take back to my life in America. I also saw how the men of Paris were always meticulously dressed, with dress shoes and blazers. I got to hear the French langauge in full action. Even though I did not know exactly what they were saying, it was still enjoyable to listen to such a beautiful language. The metros showed the daily life of Parisians that we as visitors didn’t always get to see. There were a few times while on the metro that I imagined myself traveling or even living in Paris. It was on the metro where I feel in love with the city of Paris and the thrill of traveling.

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