Soaring in the Clouds of Costa Rica

by Samantha Torinese, Costa Rica Tropical Ecology Study Abroad Participant

Being in Costa Rica was one of the most interesting and life changing experiences I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. I had never been to another country before, and to visit one that is so different from our own was very eye opening. This trip helped me reflect on myself and my lifestyle, and also make a few new friends along the way.

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One of my favorite parts was when we learned about the different tribes that lived and still live in Costa Rica. Their culture and religions are so different than our own and sometimes we are so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget that other people have very different ways of life than our own.  Another part of this experience that taught me something was going zip lining for the very first time. As someone who is very afraid of heights, it took a lot of courage to be that high up in the mountains held up by a single wire. But I was flying through the clouds looking down on the forest though, all of my fears melted away. All I could think was of how beautiful the Earth was and how amazing life is and how much I would miss the Earth if it was gone.


It makes you open your eyes to what is really important in life and how essential the Earth is to all of us. When you really pay attention to the beauty of the Earth, you wonder how anyone could not see it in the first place.

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