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COIL: Lakewood Meets Bhutan in the School of Business

by Dr. Khendum Choden, School of Business


This semester, my BU321: Electronic course here at GCU is working on a COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project with Royal Thimphu College (RTC), located in the capital, Thimphu, in Bhutan. During my summer break in Bhutan, I met with the Dean of RTC, Dr. Shivaraj Bhattarai, Ms. Nawang Yangden, Program Leader and Mr. Jeroen Uittenbogaard, Senior Lecturer who teaches the EDP201- Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship course at RTC.

The students in Prof. Jeroen’s course in Bhutan are working on a Business Opportunity Identification assignment this semester. The assignment requires students to pick one business idea to build their business plan. The students are divided into teams and each team is assigned to a team of students at GCU. The students in my Electronic Commerce course then start communicating with the students in Bhutan in order to  share knowledge, conduct collaborative research, and recommending a free website service while functioning as website design consultants.

Through collaboration with their peers abroad and at GCU, the students recommend various ways electronic commerce (social, local, mobile) can be used to market their business idea.