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GCU’s Collaborative Online International Learning Initiative


What does COIL mean?

COIL means Collaborative Online International Learning, and draws on research conducted by The American Council of Education, NAFSA: Association of American Educators, and SUNY’s Center for Collaborative Online International Learning, suggesting that online international learning is an effective way to internationalize a campus, and help students and faculty engage with peers around the world. COIL gives our students, faculty, and partners a way to make learning globally integrated and connect to the world without leaving campus.

COIL does not mean teaching an online class, rather integrating a globally-networked learning component into a course that already exists. Keep it simple! An international online component can be as simple as global peer reflections on shared readings, peer-to-peer interviews, collaborative problem-solving, debates and/or discussions, collaborative project work, etc. Collaboration can be done via Skype, Google Hangout, Blackboard, or even via smart phones.

COIL means embarking on a teaching and learning experience that fits the learning and teaching goals of you, your students, and your international partners.


The COIL Faculty Team  consist of a group of GCU faculty (FT and PT) who are committed to weaving international collaboration into one or more of their academic courses. Ideally, the COIL Faculty Team will consist of faculty representatives from all three Schools: Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education. The COIL Faculty Team is not designed to be exclusive, rather inclusive, adding a new faculty cohort to the team each semester. Each new cohort will have a maximum of 5 available seats.

Meet GCU’s COIL Cohort 1 — Fall Semester 2014

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From left to right:

Dr. Janice Warner, Dean of the School of Business / Project: Business Beyond Borders     Partner: Saint Augustine University, Mbeya, Tanzania.

Dr. Kathy Froriep, School of Education / Project: Pre-Service Teacher Exchange / Partner: National Taipei University of Education

Dr. Linda James, Psychology Department / Project: First-Year Seminar Global Perspectives, Refugee Stories / Partner: Mercy Beyond Borders

Dr. Ashley Elmore, School of Business / Project: A Global Perspective on Business / Partner: Universidad Catolica de El Salvador

 The Current CALL for Participation

5 GCU faculty for Spring Semester, 2015 (COIL Faculty Team: Cohort 2), who will develop and incorporate a COIL component in a Spring 2015 course.

 NOTE: Each cohort will start together with orientation and support from the Office of Global Education and IT. At the end of a semester, the cohort will not dissolve, rather continue to develop and implement COIL components into their courses, while each semester a new cohort is added.

 What are the OBJECTIVES of the COIL Faculty Team?

  • encourage and support the development and implementation of COIL components as a format for experiential cross-cultural learning
  • sensitize students and faculty to the larger world
  • globally network courses to intensify disciplinary learning in fields where engaging other cultural perspectives is essential
  • promote, integrate, and enhance international education experiences across the curriculum
  • emphasize the collaborative process between both students and instructors of partnering universities
  • facilitate cross-cultural collaboration that brings students to a deeper understanding of course content

 What SUPPORT will be provided for the COIL Faculty Team members?

Georgian Court University’s new state-of-the-art International Collaboration Center, the Office of Global Education, and the Director of Instructional Technology will assist you to design an international online component for one of your courses, to collaborate with an international faculty partner, to choose an appropriate learning platform and/or software, and to make academic content globally integrated. In addition, you will have the technological support to facilitate the following:

  • Synchronous global collaboration
  • Asynchronous global collaboration
  • Audio-Conferencing
  • Video-Conferencing
  • Small-group collaborative computer-mediated communication
  • Hybrid collaboration (A combination of virtual and physical mobility)

 How do I APPLY to participate in the COIL Faculty Team Cohort 2 (Spring 2015)?

Follow the link to the COIL Faculty Team Application and submit by December 19th.

 All Full and Part-time faculty members are welcome to apply!

 Preference will be given to:

  • FT and PT faculty with current international peer contacts and/or connections
  • FT faculty who are teaching fall 2014 courses with an international perspective.
  • Faculty members who do not have international peers, but are committed to developing and sustaining them, are encouraged to apply.

 Looking forward to your participation!

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