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Spring 2016 Semester Abroaders

Ben Alhadif

BEN ALHADIF, Business Major — FLORENCE, ITALY — Lorenzo de’ Medici – The Italian  International Institute (LdM) — API


JAMES BYTHEWAY, Business Major: BARRANQUILLA, COLOMBIA — Universidad del Norte — ISA


BRENDEN KRIPINSKI, Business Major: ROME, ITALY — John Cabot University


Matt Kuras, Business Major: Barranquilla, Colombia — Universidad del Norte — ISA


Jayden Muraczewski, Dance Major: London, England — CIEE Global Institute/Open Campus Program


Meelad Pourshariati, Business Major: Madrid, Spain — Universidad Nebrija — API


Patricia Prioli, Spanish Major: Salamanca, Spain — University of Salamanca — API


Chaz Wisuri, Business Major: Seville, Spain — Universidade Pablo de Olavide — API


Spring 2015

Literary Paris — February 27 — March 5

Danielle Acconzo, Chloe Grady, Alexandria Grazioso, Megan Kelly, Dr. Pamela Rader (Faculty leader), Caitlin Roman, and Thomas Vincent

Group outside chez Verlaine and Hemingway da cg charlie rue fleurus (2)

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Tropical Ecology, Costa Rica — March 26 — April 6

Christina Chatelain, Kaitlyn Connell, Devan Desilva, Lesly Escobar, Nicole Hoagland, Meredith Hoffman, Samantha Kuntz, Rachel Kowal, Stephanie Poma, Anastassia Swenticky, Ashley Sousa, Alison Teufel, Samantha Torinese, Gabrielle Tull, Matthias van Oosterhout (Faculty leader), Dr. Louise Wootton (Faculty leader)

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World Wars & Holocaust Europe — March 26 — April 4

Dr. Scott Bennett (Faculty leader), Nicole Blazejewski, Steve Cancel, Amanda Earle, Ellen Fitzsimmons, Dr. Michael Gross (Faculty leader), Glisban Machado, Nicole Owenburg, Allyson Talbot


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image2 Normandy1

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Normandy Belgium6

 Buenos Aires Dance Project — April 1– April 10

Silvana Cardell (Faculty leader), Abigail Dill, Skyler Giannone, Kaitlyn Mack, Lauren Merwin, Mackenzie Morris, Emily Olman, Scott Thomas Smith, Gabrielle Vella






Teaching the World. Learning from the World. — January 3 – 14

Dr. Nancy Sardone (Faculty leader), Kristin Cislak and Laura Parker 

sardone14 sardone17

 Semester Study Abroad

Grecia Gavira: Universidade de Seville, Seville, SPAIN

Matthew Kuras: Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Vina del Mar, CHILE

Jorge Rivera: Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, SPAIN 

Spring 2014

Art Making & Seeing in Lisbon, Portugal, February 28 – March 8, 2014

Art Department Chair, Leo Morrissey led a group of five students: Lauren Barone, Emily Donovan, Elizabeth Adams, Michael Boyle, and Gillian Foley on an education abroad trip to Lisbon, Portugal. The 9-day program included art-making, gallery and museum visits, architectural walking tours, and day trips to Belem, Sintra and Cascais.The one-credit course was made possible by the Global Transformation Initiative.

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