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Georgian Court University Donates 1000 Trees to Support Local Community in Mbeya, Tanzania-East Africa.

Remember the green watering cans and groovy campaign posters?



GCU students Kristina Morgan and Jamie-Lee Sonnenberg-Smith working on the social-action campaign, Trees for Change, May 2014.

It was in May when GCU students, staff and faculty rallied together to collect money for TREES for CHANGE, a social-action campaign hatched by the Office of Global Education and a small group of students to support local reforestation efforts of villagers in East Africa.

Crazy idea?  Villagers in Mbeya, Tanzania didn’t think so!

   IMG_0519    IMG_0516    IMG_0418

A few of the African villagers who are benefiting from your GCU Trees for Change donation.

The trees will help the local people who live in two villages near the plantation project (estimated to be more than 5000). The hope is that the trees will help increase rainfall for the people, so they can plant their crops to avoid hunger.

        IMG_0529          1

        IMG_0564          IMG_0408

The local government and the Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles of Mbeya care for the plantation. The Sisters pay 3 permanent workers to care for the trees and land.

In 8 days, GCU raised $750 USD which translated into 1000 trees.

On behalf of GCU, I traveled to Tanzania to deliver the donation, to hike the plantation project, to eat with the locals, visit schools, universities, and orphanages … to look for common ground … ways to connect GCU to a completely different world … a world that is wide open and asking us to understand, to see, and to lend a hand.



GCU, you helped change a small part of the world!

These photos reflect how your donations were received, and how they will be used to change the lives of people thousands of miles away.

Mbeya, Tanzania thanks you for caring!


photo 1

Jenn Summerhays, Director of Global Education at the Mother House of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Community in Mbeya, Tanzania, June 2014. A hug from Mother Superior Immaculata Mirambo after she received the donation of $750 USD for the tree planting project. The Sisters are holding the campaign poster surrounded by polaroid photos of some of the GCU community who made donations. 

photo 2

Heartfelt thank-yous from Mbeya, Tanzania. Mother Immaculata with GCU donation in hand.

 IMG_0456                        IMG_0500

The trees are planted for increasing the amount of rainfall due to the increased evaporation around the area. Closely connected, the forest area will provide a healthy habitat for birds of different species that are disappearing due to deforestation and human activity.

 IMG_0458                    IMG_0459

So far, 60 acres have been planted (5,000 seedlings), with 35 acres yet to be planted.

GCU’s donation will reforest approximately 12 acres! The donated seedlings will be planted when the next rainy season begins, November 2014.

IMG_0461                     IMG_0462

Pines and Miturunga trees are being planted because they are fast-growing and sustainable. The seedlings are purchased five kilometer from the plantation.

IMG_0476                     IMG_0576

The sustainability plan is to replant whatever has been deforested. The community of Our Lady Queen of the Apostles and local village leaders are lobbying with the local government to obtain more acreage in order to cultivate vegetable and fruit gardens.

The project will be fully sustainable after 3 years.

The local government has already set rules and fines for those who are found destroying the forest either by deliberate burning, or by carrying out unauthorized other human activities such as private farming and animal grazing.

   IMG_0570  IMG_0492  IMG_0567

For more information about Trees for Change in Tanzania, or how you can help please contact Jennifer Summerhays, Director of Global Education at summerhaysj@georgian.edu.




2.28.14– 3.8.14

Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs — Art: Making & Seeing in Lisbon Portugal/Art Department (1 credit)

Art Department Chair, Leo Morrissey successfully led a group of five students on an education abroad to Lisbon, Portugal. The 9-day program included art-making, gallery and museum visits, architectural walking tours, and day trips to Belem, Sintra and Cascais. http://armchairtraveler.gcublogs.org/longitudes-latitudes-students-faculty-abroad/


3.10.14 – 5.8.14

International Online Learning Components: Psychology 222 – Adolescent Development

Dr. Sandy Sessa is embedding an international interview project in her Psychology 222 course this semester. Dr. Sessa’s GCU students are interviewing adolescents from five countries: Taiwan, Korea, El Salvador, Brazil and Tanzania, in order to compare and contrast adolescence on a global scale.


3.15.14 – 5.8.14

International Online Learning Components: Business Capstone Course — Business beyond Borders

Dr. Janice Warner, Dean of the School of Business is developing an online learning component (micro pilot program) with Saint Augustine University in Tanzania for Business Strategies and Policies (BU491). Among the learning goals are:

  • Understanding cultural and social impacts on conducting businesses in partnership with a business located in another country.
  • Experiencing how business collaboration can be done internationally through the use of technology.
  • Thinking critically about the opportunities and barriers associated with a multi-national business.

The purpose of the collaboration pilot is to bring students together from two different countries to work on a project relevant to a topic they are all studying.


Spring Semester 2014 Students Abroad


Kassandra Lilli (Spanish Studies Abroad/Alicante Spain) 1.14 – 5.14

Gillian Foley (Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal) 2.28.14 – 3.8.14

Emily Donovan (Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal) 2.28.14 – 3.8.14

Elizabeth Adams (Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal) 2.28.14 – 3.8.14

Lauren Barone (Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal) 2.28.14 – 3.8.14

Michael Boyle (Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal) 2.28.14 – 3.8.14

Global Education Scholarship Recipients   Spring Semester 2014


Kassandra Lilli (Spanish Studies Abroad/Alicante Spain)

Gillian Foley (GCU Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal)

Emily Donovan (GCU Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal)

Elizabeth Adams (GCU Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal)

Lauren Barone (GCU Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal)

Michael Boyle (GCU Faculty-Led/Art/Lisbon, Portugal)

Titi Majoyeogbe (Cultural Embrace/API/Dance/Curitiba, Brazil)

Yesenia Gonzales (Spanish Studies Abroad/Seville, Spain) 5.2014

New International Partnerships


Saint Augustine University, Mbeya, Tanzania (ONLINE)

Universidade Católica De El Salvador (ONLINE)

U.S./China Youth Education Solutions Foundation, Inc.

W Global Foundation (GCU will host100 Chinese students for 5 weeks during Summer 2014)

















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